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Available on iPhone and iPad.

NTSB Accident Database

Browse, read and search the NTSB Aviation Accident Database on your mobile device.

Accident Reports

Read reports from several international accident investigation branches.

Stay up-to-date

Get notified when new accidents are added to the NTSB database or when new reports are released.


NTSB Aviation Accident Database

Updated weekly.

All the Information

Learn about all the details concerning the involved aircraft, weather, location, findings etc. and access the NTSB dockets directly.

Powerful Searching, Filtering & Sorting

Only show accidents that you are interested in and sort them in the desired order.

Bookmarks & Watchlist

Mark accidents with a star so you can find them later. Put them on a watchlist and receive a notification when they are updated.


Aviation Accident Investigation Reports

Updated daily.

International Reports

Read accident investigation reports from the US, Canadian, UK, Australian and German investigation branches.

Full-Text Search

Search inside the reports for keywords you are interested in.


Stay up-to-date and receive notifications when new reports are added.


Full iPad Support

Read reports more conveniently.


One-Week Free Trial

After that, only $9.99 per year.

Why a subscription fee?

Little more than the cost of two cups of coffee per year, it helps me offset ongoing server and development costs and ensures the longevity of the app.

How does the trial work?

Download and try the app free for 1 week. Subscription will start if not canceled 24 hours before end of trial and will auto-renew at the end of each period.

How can I cancel?

It's easy. A direct link in the app's settings page will lead you to Apple's subscription management.

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